Professional School Brunello Bertoni

The tailoring school

Within the little village Kelle, a few kilometres south of Dakar, the non-profit organizations I Bambini di Ornella and Formazione Solidale build the professional tailoring school, Brunello Bertoni. It is dedicated to the young women of the local community. After three years of hard work, we were able to open the school. Hundreds of supporters from all over Italy helped us to build this beautiful school.

The tailoring school was raised by the labour union “SPI di Como”. Yenne (nearby Kelle) asked the social welfare centre Quadroni, maintained by “I Bambini di Ornella”, to offer an alternative to the young women. Most of them are obligated to work as housekeepers or work in exploiting conditions.
The school offers a possibility to receive professional trimester training. Aduna proposes the best students a working contract, sustaining the micro-business and female empowerment.

After the first trimester, the school experienced enormous success! From 14 signups to 80 for the trimester 2018/2020!

#Female Empowerment

Till today, young women are the most affected, vulnerable and disadvantaged group to obtain a professional formation. Women represent 65% of the total active population, and they are primarily working in informal businesses without a contract or any guarantees. They are forced to move to large cities, work as service ladies or prostitutes, and experience forced marriages or unwanted pregnancies.

(DEPS 2011-15)

Our students get a certificate after they finish the trimester from the Senegalese Ministry of technical education and professional formation (METFP). Furthermore, they learn to manage their own business and to sell their own products. The best students can work at our lab Aduna.

Some of the critical competencies taught by us:

  • alphabetization and courses in French, mathematics and computer knowledge.
  • Courses in business management.
  • Essential competencies to be able to be inserted in the working world.
  • Contacts to local tailors and internships in fashion businesses.